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The SK ∞ design team are hair artists who observe, ask important questions, and listen carefully for the answers. We consider wants and needs, along with face and body shape, and hair texture, when creating a hair design for our clients. Lifestyle is considered as well. Do you care about trends and fashion? Are you into timeless classics, or enjoy being an individual regardless of runways and magazines? We will also take interest in how much time you would like to dedicate to maintenance and styling . Listening carefully to you will give you more of an authentic, true you experience. We promise to look at you as an individual, with your own hair expression and personality.

Our Mission

We make our guests feel important, they make what we do imporatnt. We are not just about doing hair, but about creating a feeling. Our staff are about doing hair as a career, its not just a job. They are compassionate and educate on an ongoing basis. Whether it is the right hair cut, color, or texture service, or a prescriptive product reccomendation, if it encompasses anything ‘hair’ for your lifestyle, we would like to be involved!.

Beauty – the thing that makes you stop and take notice. Beauty is authenticity, not conformity in it’s experience. Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else. ― JUDY GARLAND

NEW - Infinite Product Line!

 Why did we start a product line?    

           …... Mostly because we could!!!

A chance meeting with aspirational and local formulator has made the collaboration of creating products super fun! 

Shayne and Kerrie have been brainstorming on how to bridge the gap between clients needs and what large brands offer.  We believe by simplifying a product line to have each product performance have multi functions and our locally sourced ingredients keep packaging minimal; meeting our environmental values.

Introducing Infinite Hair Design’s first product in their newly developed hair care product line…


Nectar is a pure ingredients formulation. How to use:  2 to 3 drops of nectar that is activated by applying to wet hair. Nectar has environmental and mechanical protection, along with reducing frizz, and repairing hair with increased manageability.

***Ask your stylist at your next appointment for more information or to purchase!

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