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Our History & Design Team


The Cutting Room Floor was established in 2000.
Truth be told, my stepfather wanted to leave me (Kerrie) a legacy but, knew by my lifestyle and appearance that I was not going to be a successful farmer! He sold the family business, and we opened the salon as a joint venture. Sadly, I lost my best friend, my father and business partner, to a heart attack in 2007.
Life rolls on in mysterious ways because a romance bloomed between me and my present business partner Shayne Harrison. In 2008 Shayne sold his salon in Sydney BC and joined forces with me! Now I cannot imagine having it any other way!

Design Team

Kerrie Dirk | Co-Owner

“Because I am a hairdresser…”
I have the ability to change how people perceive themselves in a new exciting way. For 22 years, I have had an exciting journey in this industry as a business owner, educator, and mentor learning daily how to improve skills in all areas of this industry.

Shayne Harrison | Co-Owner

“Because I am a hairdresser…”
It has allowed me to work one on one and be present with individuals for 25 years. Constant education has allowed me to hone my craft and create ever changing art. My hope is these interactions and my creations have influenced our community in the best way possible.

Kristy Haley | Stylist

“Because I am a hairdresser…”
I have had the honour to transform my clients’ hair and bring what they desire into reality. I was very fortunate to know and pursue my craft from a very young age. Hairstyling has been my passion since I was 3 years old. I gravitated towards salons because I would always see folks having a good time and see the joy shared by stylist and client. I love being around people. Being in the hair world for over 20 years has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and there is never a dull moment in my line of work. I love it just as much now as on day one.