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SK∞ Hair Design - One on One Coaching

Are you a stylist wanting to brush up on your skills or learn some new skills?
Or maybe you are a Salon that would like to host an in salon workshop for your stylists?
Shayne is a master and is now offering one-on-one coaching.
Use the contact form below for all questions and bookings.
We cannot wait to work with you and/or your salon!

Shayne Harrison

As a master cutter of his generation, Shayne boasts 30 years of experience...

...including salon ownership, platform artist work, exclusive guest speaking, educational events, curating cutting systems for international companies and has many awards and recognitions internationally.

He is now distributing an exclusive brand to the UK and Canada called 'Electric London' and loves coaching and inspiring stylists to take them to the next level!

SK∞ Hair Design Academy

3-D art is oberved in terms of its height, width and depth. At SK∞ hair design, this is how we look at hair. As hair designers this is the art form we have all chosen. Form is the term used to describe 3-D artwork. Forms can be geometric or organic. Hairdressing has volume, which is the amount of space occupied by a form. Form also has mass, which means that the volume is solid and occupies space. This is the perspective we use when we are cutting, colouring,and dressing hair. SK8 breaks down 3-D design into 3 main elements.

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