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Confusion of Ammonia - SK∞ Hair Design Solves the Mystery!

Up to this point in history, ammonia or amines are needed to produce permanent color. Amines like MEA and AMP, are becoming increasingly prevalent as there is no regulation on its use. We only work with color companies who can deliver real chemical facts. We use color with little or no ammonia present the highest % percentage being 1.9%. Ammonia offers a stable environment and is water soluble. Without it we could not perform permanent color results. Ammonia levels reporting 10% or lower can claim to be ammonia free! Don’t believe everything! lol! Amine levels (color lines claiming to be ammonia free use these) are less stable so they are used at a 14% to make up for unpredictability. The Cutting Room floor values knowing the chemistry in our products and keeping our staff and clients, as well as being environmentally responsible . Todays Color world is complicated, with so many choices and performance differences. We are here to clear up any confusion and provide an informative color menu Below are the following choices at SK∞ Hair Design! As your professional consultants we choose color lines on performance, hair type, and clients lifestyle!

Hair Coloring

MEGIX10 Express Color

MEGIX10 delivers beautifully reflective, dimensional color and complete grey coverage in a fraction of the time as other color brands. Formulated with Micro-Pigment Technology and Fision-KeraVeg18 to lock color in, MEGIX10 provides beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting color in 80 shades. With this new, non-progressive technology, there’s no worry that you’ll get anything but exactly the color you wanted. Imagine cutting your color visits in half! More About MEGIX10

Vero Kpak Color

This line is our main permanent colour line. It offers superior reconstruction of the have during the colour process! This colour will leave your hair healthier , and stronger resulting in long lasting results. It has the ability to make hair lighter, darker, cover grey and change tone. 1.9% ammonia at high lift blonde levels

Vero Chrome

Demi line. Ammonia free . Deposit colour only. Leaves hair radiantly shiny as it uses panthenol to increase sleek results


A hair cosmetic line, that can colour your hair permanently, and Demi permanently . It has mega wattage shine , tripling the shine factor! Thus line also promises to leave hair in its original state by using argamine (protein lost during colouring process) leaving the hair restructured. 1.5% ammonia or less

Age Defy

A color that addresses all the signs of aging. Conditioning agents help solve hair coarseness, fragility, and manageability. Extra pigment helps resistant hard to cover grey be disguised.

Color Intensity

True semi permanent color! Good times, get your freak on hair colour! Dream up any shade and it can be yours. Loud vibrant shades are intermixable for anything you may desire. We are presently looking at an all natural colour line that reverses your gray hair back to its natural state!! Wow Crazy. We just need to get in touch with the chemists and try it out on a few different shades of lighter hair. Trial shows great results on darker shades.
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Cuts & Styles

Modern hair has elements of both structure and deconstruction sometimes on the same head. At SK∞ Hair Design, we approach styling with conformed and strong sets, which allows us full flexibility. Cutting from structured systems with scissors gives us full control with every fabric of hair. Scissors allow removal of minimum or maximum amount of hair and everything in-between. Our continuing education ensures we stay current at the SK∞ Hair Design…

Services Menu

Texture & Add On Services


Transform your look with added length or length plus volume. Book a consultation for hair extensions to determine which hair extension technique would best acheive the certain hair style or look you are going for!

Keratin Smoothing System

Experience the results of traditional keratin smoothing, eliminating frizz and provides brilliant shine. Hair is more manageable while drying and styling time are dramatically reduced.

Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning treatment is tailored to your hair’s particular needs. You will notice immediate results—hair is healthier, shinier, softer, fuller and hydrated. Add a treatment onto any hair service.
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    Jessie R